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Aloo Gobi Vegetarian

Cauliflower and potato cooked with ginger, garlic, onion and tomatoes.
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Eggplant Bharta Vegetarian

Smoked eggplant cooked with onions, tomatoes and garlic.
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Chana Masala Vegetarian

Chickpeas cooked in authentic spices.
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Vegetable Korma Vegetarian

Mixed vegetables cooked in creamy cashew sauce.
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Vegetable Jalfrezi Vegetarian

Mixed vegetables tossed in tangy sauce.
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Mushroom Matar Vegetarian

Mushrooms cooked with peas and tomato sauce.
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Diwani Handi (Chef's Special Vegetable)

Diwani Handi (Chef's Special Vegetable) Vegetarian

Mixed vegetables sauteed with fenugreek leaves and cooked in thick sau...
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Dal Makhni Special Vegetarian

Lentils cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic and finished with fresh c...
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Bhindi Do Pyaza

Bhindi Do Pyaza Vegetarian

Okra cooked with onion and tomatoes.
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Aloo Jeera Vegetarian

Potatoes sauteed in cumin seeds and spices.
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Baby Egglplant Vegetarian

Baby eggplant cooked in exotic spices.
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Yellow Dal Vegetarian

Yellow lentils cooked with onions tomato and cumin seeds.
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Achari Mushroom

Achari Mushroom Vegetarian

Mushroom cooked with onion, bell pepper in pickled curry sauce.
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Soya Chaap Masala

Soya Chaap Masala Vegetarian

Soya chunks cooked with bell pepper and onions in thick sauce.
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Vegetable Kadai

Vegetable Kadai Vegetarian

Mixed vegetables tossed with onions and cooked in curry sauce.